The importance of leak checking and equipment maintenance

From time to time, Afrox is made aware of incidents with Gas Welding Equipment that could easily be avoided by following the correct leak checking and maintenance procedures. Herewith a few guidelines designed to ensure the safe use of Gas Equipment, we also recommend that you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the Gas Equipment in use.

At Afrox, Safety is our number  One priority, and as such, we post this reminder to our Gas Equipment users to reinforce the importance of properly leak checking and maintaining Gas Equipment.

ALWAYS leak test equipment before use :

  • Get in the habit of conducting a system pressure test – observe the regulator gauges for one minute. If the pressure drops there is a leak

  • Test for leaks by using a suitable leak testing solution. Spray this on all connections and joints and see if bubbling occurs

  • If a system pressure test indicates there is a leak, but the leak isn’t found then isolate and check each component separately starting with the regulators and moving down to hoses, and then hand assemblies – until the leak is found

  • Regularly check and maintain your equipment for safety

Below is a guideline that will help you keep your equipment in safe working order;

REGULATORS, HOSES and HAND ASSEMBLIES and FLASHBACK ARRESTORS – visually inspect the condition of all equipment weekly or before each use and check for any loose fittings at the same time. Function-test these items every 6 months (Flashback arrestors should be flow and functioned tested yearly). Replace items according to the manufacturer’s recommendation or within 5 years of manufacture.

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