Protect yourself and your business

Safety in the workplace can never be taken for granted or overlooked. Safety awareness is key to reducing accidents, incidents, personal injury and even death. Hence, the need for the correct range of industry standard and high quality safety products and work wear to ensure you’re protected from head to toe.

Hand protection

Most manual workers will have sustained a hand injury at some point in their life. Whether it’s a minor scratch, splinter, cut or more serious injuries such as burns, crushed or severed fingers, all of these can be easily avoided. Gloves can also protect against electrical shock. A variety of gloves in natural and synthetic materials are available to protect your hands from heat, flames and sparks, sharp objects, chemicals and dangerous power tools.

Choosing the right hand protection

• Know your hand size. Gloves come in different sizes; ensure that your gloves fit correctly

• Choose a glove recommended for the job

• Always check for general wear and tear, i.e. holes and rips before use

• Do not wash your gloves with solvents, detergents or chemicals that can cause harm or damage.

  Nitrile foam handling glove

     Premium Red Welders Gauntlet

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